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Denise's Easy Graph Designer - Original

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Tired of colored pencils and graph paper, having to erase, or start over again when making charted designs for knitting or crochet?  Would you like an easier way to chart your designs for Fair Isle, intarsia or filet crochet?  Great even for planning stripes, color blocking or other color sequences.

Just click to choose a color and start designing! Click once in the boxes that you want to fill with that color then go back to the top or
bottom to select the next color.  If you decide you want to change a color all you have to do is double click the square to take out the
old color.

Zoom in to make seeing and clicking the boxes easier. Then zoom back out to check the overall design.  Save it to your computer to work on later or press the print button for a copy to put in your knitting

It's just that easy!

Three graph sizes to fit your design needs--45 x 45, 30 x 30 and 20 x 90

Note: blocks on graph are square--you may need to make some adjustments in design if the stitches you are using are not square.

Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for this program.

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