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DN1009 Mohair Mix-Up Mittens and Hat



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Item#: DN1009d
Sizes: 8-10yrs, teen, woman
Yarn: See Description
Gauge:  Mittens - 11sts & 15 rows per 2 inch using Sport weight yarn
             12tsts & 16 rows per 2 inch using only Sport weight yarn
Needle: 3.75mm/US5 double points for mittens, 3.5mm 16 inch circular for hat


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Hat gauge:  24sts per 4 inches using Sport weight yarn only

Other yarns used:  lace weight mohair


Mittens are a great one ball project and these mittens and hat are warm and fuzzy.  Just what you need on a cold day to keep you feeling cozy!  Make the mittens with or without the mohair yarn.  Do your own stripes or let the sport weight sock yarn do the striping for you.  Then use up the left-overs in a fun striped hat.

Key to  mittens:  from upper-left, counter-clockwise in photo

One pair of mittens requires one ball of each suggested yarn

  1. Plain -- Sport weight yarn (blue)
  2. Wide blue and green stripes -- Sport weight yarn in two colors (blue & lime), lace weight mohair(lime) two strands are held together for lime stripes-one sport weight and one mohair
  3. Multi-color Stripes -- self-striping sport weight (green/blue),  lace weight mohair(lime)two strands are held together throughout-one sport weight and one mohair
  4. -5 & 6:  Mohair -- 3 sizes -- Sport weight yarn (blue), lace weight mohair(light blue) two strands are held together throughout-one sport weight and one mohair


One ball each of Sport weight yarn(blue, lime), sport weight self-striping(green/blue), and lace weight mohair(lime) or leftovers from the mittens.  If using leftovers, you may need an extra ball of blue to complete the hat.

Finished Size across palm of mitten:

  • 8-10 yrs -- 3 1/4"
  • Teen -- 3 5/8"
  • Women -- 4"

Hat Circumference:  One size -- 18", fits up to 24" head


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