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My obsession with fiber arts started at a very early age. I feel as if I am just now growing into it. I love to knit, crochet, sew and quilt. I have also done some spinning, macrame, embroidery, counted cross stitch and probably a few other things that I am not remembering right now. The techniques I was using may have changed over the years but I have always enjoyed creating beautiful, useful, comforting and/or loved fiber art pieces.
I love to make things for my family: hubby, Jeff, and our 8 kids plus one daughter-in-law. I also enjoy making prayer shawls for friends and family and with our church's prayer shawl ministry and many other knitted, crocheted or quilted items for charities that I support. This picture is just one example of that kind of work. The things in this pile, except the shawl on the needles, went to our church youth group's fundraiser auction.

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Knitting and crochet are such second-nature to me that I may start with a pattern but I hardly ever follow the directions exactly. Instead I add my own touches by changing the design slightly or using the techniques that I like best. Patterns are only a guide after all!
I have made many things from my own patterns too. Up till now those patterns were often only in my head. I recently began the sometimes difficult process of putting them down on paper so I can remember what I did and so others can try making the things I have made. I hope you enjoy them too.

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This business is a joint effort between me and my son, Philip. It all started when I was trying, sort of unsuccessfully, to use the computer to graph a filet crochet project. Philip leaned over my shoulder and asked me what I was doing. He learned how to knit and crochet when he was fairly young so he has some understanding of it. I explained and he, being the very resourceful and talented person that he is, said that he could write a program to make my graph more easily.

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Of course, then he was looking for a way to market it. I had been writing down some of my knitting patterns, so Philip suggested that if we had a web site we could combine efforts and see what happened. So here we are, and we are so glad that you came to visit!

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